Polishing Machine for Punches & Dies

  • For maximizing the life of table press tooling, this is only possible through efficient use and tacking care for good maintenance of tooling as well as tablet press
  • Punch polishing kit to table press tool clean and polishing
  • The proper & perfect use of tooling is minimized maintenance problem of tablet compression.
    Polishing kit is consist of motorized polishing machine with various type of polishing wheel, wire brush wheel, polishing media, fine emery paste and cleaning powder. For cleaning and polishing of critical areas of punches and dies, punch tip, embossing lettering and die bore with the help of number of components provided with tool polishing kit box. Also burrs on tips edges and dent marks on tips face can be remove by this polishing kit

Features and Benefits

  • Salient Features :
  • Designed according to Tablet Specification Manual
  • Tool clean is a comprehensive kit for tablet punch and die polishing to enhance life span of tablet tooling
  • Maintaining the tooling also minimizes many compression problems such as variations in tablet weight, thickness, picking, sticking, and capping of tablets
  • Elements of Punch polishing kit
    • Double end polisher with buff wheels
    • Micro polishing powder
    • Diamond Paste Syringe
    • Buffing media
    • Felt bobs
    • Emery Roll
    • Nylon brush wheels
    • Brass brush wheels
    • Punch Guide Brushes B and D Tooling (Nylon / brass)
    • Eye Glass
    • Steel Box
    • Lapping sticks

Technical Details:

Size in MM
No.s of Lockers SWG Finish