Lab Model Homogenizer

    Lab homogenizers such as those offered by Scientific are designed for use with small samples. The definition of “small” is open, because, depending on the model selected, these versatile tools can work with test-tube sized samples as small as 0.1 ml up to 20 liter beakers. The point is, using a lab homogenizer allows researchers to conduct experiments with small samples that may be expensive. But the results of the experimentation are aimed at developing a process that can be scaled up to commercial production when optimum processing parameters are defined.
    Another advantage offered by lab homogenizers is their ability to process samples of different physical characteristics. At Scientific we identify sample properties as Viscous, Low Viscosity, Fine and Knife, designated V, N, F and K as defined in our dispersing tools application table. Another benefit is that these dispersing tools are interchangeable. This means researchers can perform a variety of tasks with the same drive motor, simply by switching out one generator assembly for another

Features and Benefits

    This interchangeability adds greatly to the versatility of lab homogenizers, enabling them to perform a variety of tasks such as cell disruption, emulsifying, dispersion, dissolving and mixing.
    Features & Benefits
    cGMP Pharma design
    Very high pressure (VHP) design
    High wear resistant parts and homogenizing valves
    FDA approved gaskets
    Certification Manual for Pharma validation cGMP
    Special aseptic execution with closed loop aseptic circuit
    Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) -able
    Sanitary pocket less design is free draining
    Accessories such as Wall mounting, Telescopic Stand, Top of the vessels / Tanks, Bottom of the Vessels / Tanks.

Technical Details:

Size in MM
No.s of Lockers SWG Finish
Lab Model Homogenizer


Cap. 1 Ltr To 20 Ltr

NA NA Mirror Finish