Inspection Equipment for Punches & Dies

  • Tablet compression tooling which is vital element of tablet compression machines, ensures that
    the end product (tablets) conform to designed dimensions, tolerances and finish
  • For entry point inspection of tooling and also monitoring deviations in their dimensions during
    exploitation, Inspection Kit for checking critical dimensions of dies and punches
  • Proper checking of tooling ensures, minimum down time of tablet compression machines as well as prevents accidental damages due to usage of tooling which are either non-standard or not within prescribed limits of tolerances

Features and Benefits

  • Elements of Punch polishing kit
  • Dial gauge compactor stand with a least count of 0.001"
  • Micrometer Range : 0.25 mm Least count : 0.01 mm
  • Punch holding bushes - 2 Nos - 1 for B type of punch & other for D type of punch
  • Punch height gauge made to exact height of the punch = 5.260"
  • Die OD block : covers 3 standard sizes of the Die OD :
  • D type - 38.105 mm
  • B type - 30.162 mm
  • BB type - 24.00 mm
  • Magnetic V – Block
  • Round die GO - NO GO gauges
  • Magnifying Glass
  • 3 Nos Die Pocket Cleaner - D/B/BB type for cleaning the die pockets in the turret of the tableting machine

Technical Details:

Size in MM
No.s of Lockers SWG Finish